Finally, A Working-Class Candidate for Working-Class Ohioans

I’m Rick Taylor. I’m a Democrat running to represent Ohio in the U.S. Senate.

I am not a professional politician. I am a working-class citizen.

But this campaign is not about me. It’s not about my opponents, partisan politics, or personal allegiances. This campaign is about YOU – regular, working-class Ohioans.

I’ve worked a gamut of various jobs, from fast food to retail, from welder to factory worker, from business manager to small business owner. Through it all, I’ve witnessed the disintegration of the working class. Jobs were lost, wages were cut, benefits were eliminated. Our debt increased and our communities crumbled… all while our political leaders looked the other way.

For decades, our elected officials have paid lip service to the working and middle class, while ignoring the needs of those who actually work for a living.

We can no longer entrust our fates to career politicians beholden to corporate donors and special interest groups. It’s time for us to come together – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents – to rehabilitate a coalition of the working class.

We must elect working-class people to all levels of our government – local, state, and federal. Tough leaders from the working class who will fight for good jobs, livable wages, and guaranteed healthcare for all Americans. Leaders who will put the needs of the working class first.

That’s why I’m running. To turn down the volume on divisive, partisan politics, strengthen the voice of the working class, and make sure our needs are finally heard and addressed.

Join me. It’s time for the working class to unite and take our power back. We can beat this system and make it work for us once again.

Support Rick Taylor for U.S. Senate

Chip in, with whatever amount* you can afford, to help me spread the word and rebuild a coalition of the working class.

*Any amount donated in excess of $250 will be given to a non-profit organization in your local community.

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January 6, 2021