Rick’s Take on the Issues

The Economy

Both political parties like to tell us our economy is “booming,” yet 20 million people are unemployed. 11 million people face eviction. A quarter of our citizens report they don’t have enough food to eat. The richest country in the world. 

While I fully support the relief efforts of the Biden administration and the efforts to aid so many who are suffering, we must face reality. We have more unemployed people in this country than we have jobs. 

There is no labor shortage. The only shortage is that of working-class people who are willing to work for below poverty-level wages, longer hours, and little to no benefits. 

Our elected officials refuse to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, using the excuse that it will hurt small businesses. At the same time, they subsidize and give tax breaks to billion-dollar corporations, instead of the same small businesses they claim to be concerned about. 

We have been to this rodeo multiple times over the past 50 years. It never ends well for the American working/middle class.

The Working Class

For the past 50 years, politicians from both parties have stated that they’re for the working class. They all promise to bring back jobs. They all promise to improve our incomes. They all promise to build up our communities. How’s that been working out for everyone? We can no longer allow inaction from career politicians who say the right things, put on a good political show, show up for protests and labor strikes, but never seem to produce results.

Ask yourself: why do elected officials from both parties serve the capitalist interests better than they serve the majority, the working class, the very people who vote for them? We all know the answer. They’ve bought our politicians, our political parties, and our supreme court.

The result? A middle class that has disintegrated before our eyes. Income inequality like we have never seen or imagined. Political division – that’s intentional – to prevent us from seeing the common causes that should be uniting us. It wasn’t always this way.

Income Inequality

Throughout the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and 60s the working class was united across the political spectrum.

The working class, angered by the income inequality, greed, and corruption of capitalists, formed a coalition so powerful that together, we achieved the very things that strengthened and expanded the middle class – things like social security, a minimum wage, unemployment insurance, and other programs that benefited us, the majority.

How did we achieve those things? We made the capitalists, the corporations, and the 1% pay their fair share. From the 1930s through the early 1980s, the wealthy paid taxes between 70 and 94%. Corporations still prospered, the rich still got richer, and the working/middle class thrived.

We must address the income inequality that has hobbled middle-class growth and stolen the American dream from so many. Income inequality and a middle-class disintegration that is directly parallel to massive tax cuts for the rich. We must undo the last 50 years of income redistribution the same way they undid the redistribution we obtained with the new deal under FDR.

Our Coalition

We need to rehabilitate the coalition of the working class. The coalition that strengthened our unions, that reached past political barriers and gave us the tools to expand and strengthen the working/middle class. The very coalition that capitalists have spent many years and many millions of dollars to keep divided as evidenced in the deep political divisions in our society.

We’ve witnessed the intentional division of our coalition. Turning on each other. Hatred and violence stoked by political figures – both Democrat and Republican – in hopes that we don’t realize those divisions are keeping us from regaining our power and obtaining the very things that we all want – better jobs, better incomes, thriving communities, less debt, and a healthier, cleaner environment for us and our future generations.

The Remedy

It’s time for the working class to unite and to take our power back. We can beat this system and make it work for us once again.

To do so, we must replace career politicians who have proven to be ineffective and beholden to their capitalist donors, no matter how well they perform their political theater and pander to obtain votes.

We must provide ourselves with true representation. We must elect actual working-class people to all levels of our government – construction workers, teachers, nurses, store clerks – people who know and understand the challenges the working-class face, not just saying they do.

My Campaign

I may not be the ideal candidate, but I’m the right candidate.

I’ve been poor. I’ve prospered. I’ve lived on a fixed income. I’ve faced life-threatening illness with no medical insurance. I’ve faced discrimination. I know what it’s like to go up against a system that puts money, and privilege before basic human rights and dignity. I’ve worked for law enforcement, I’ve been incarcerated. I have experienced the very things I address in my campaign.

I don’t say I’m fighting for the working class. I AM the working class. I will fight to bring change to a corrupt capitalist system that gives preference to the top 10% while the rest of us are treated like a drain on society.

Far too many politicians decry the money in politics while raising millions of dollars for positions that pay under $174,000 per year. My campaign will not be accepting donations from PACS, corporate donors, or special interest groups. I won’t perpetuate the very system I rally against.

For those who agree with my message and choose to donate to my campaign… Any amount donated in excess of $250 will be given to a worthy charity as close to your community as possible.

Our Mission

As I unveil my campaign over the next few months, I will rely on your word of mouth to make sure that the message is spread. Join me on my journey. Together, we can and will resuscitate the working/middle class.

We will re-establish the coalition of the working class that gave us the power to affect change and allowed us to improve our lives.

This is not unobtainable, but to achieve it we must put politics aside. Our issues are not Democrat or Republican. They affect all of us.

We can no longer allow our political parties to distract us by focusing us on emotional issues that only divide us, causing us to lose sight of our common cause and the things that affect each and every one of our lives.

January 6, 2021

On January 6th of 2021, there was an insurrection against the United States of America and our government.

Donald Trump remains free. Seditionists and traitors are still seated in both the House and Senate… “the People’s House.”

Insurrection is being treated like a group of drunk teenagers getting rowdy on a Saturday night. If our elected officials cannot protect and defend our government from attacks from within, they have failed us and our democracy.

So, I say to all those elected officials in or out of office who incited, encouraged, promoted, and defended the assault on our democracy…

I’m coming for you.

I’m Rick Taylor, your next senator from Ohio.